Electrical Engineer

  • Job responsibilities:
  • 1. Responsible for implementing equipment electrical control development and formulating development plan;
  • 2. Complete the control program design of mechanical automation equipment;
  • 3. Complete technical document preparation, control circuit design, control procedure preparation and equipment commissioning as planned;
  • 4. Complete equipment commissioning and handle electrical control problems during commissioning;
  • 5. Carry out design modification and design improvement according to user requirements, and complete the optimization and finalization of equipment procedures;
  • 6. Solve technical difficulties of customers and assist the Sales Department in customer service.
  • Job requirements:
  • Specialty: Automation Science&Engineering.
  • Education background: bachelor degree or above.
  • Experience: at least 5 years of electrical related work experience.
  • Age: 25-40
  • Gender: male or female
  • Language: English is preferred
  • Others: Those with overseas work, project or life experiences are preferred.

Transmission Engineer

  • Job responsibilities:
  • 1. Prepare pre-sales scheme for complete electrical equipment and prepare technical agreement;
  • 2. Take charge of and complete the electrical design task of the high and low voltage transmission frequency conversion project, and communicate and solve the problems in the drawings in time;
  • 3. Be responsible for type selection and technical parameter check of purchased parts of electrical equipment in the project;
  • 4. Responsible for completing the ex-factory commissioning of the project;
  • 5. Complete the field commissioning and technical support of the project;
  • 6. Prepare and change the output data of the project, update and file the drawings and quality materials after commissioning;
  • 7. To complete other work assigned by superior leaders temporarily;
  • 8. Provide necessary technical support to other departments of the company
  • Job requirements:
  • Discipline: electrical, automation, industrial or similar science and engineering.
  • Education background: bachelor degree or above.

Project Operations Manager

  • Job responsibilities:
  • 1. Collect project quotation and approve project cost;
  • 2. Track the quality and construction period requirements of the project implementation and solve the problems in the project implementation stage;
  • 3. Be familiar with the contract, have certain engineering legal knowledge reserves, and put forward the risks in the contract in time;
  • 4. Overall capital planning for the implementation of the project;
  • 5. Capable of completing classified archiving of all contents and data of the whole project.
  • Job Qualification:
  • 1. Full-time bachelor degree or above; Electrical, automation, industrial or other engineering disciplines;
  • 2. At least 5 years of relevant electrical, structural and project management experience;
  • 3. Clear logical thinking, strong communication ability, internal work and information communication with group functional departments and internal staff of subsidiaries, and smooth external contact with project owners, logistics companies, suppliers, etc;
  • 4. Master office skills and other office skills;
  • 5. English level 4 or above, working language;
  • 6. Compliance with management, strong anti-pressure capacity; Be able to accept short and medium term business trips, and those with constructor and cost engineer certificates are preferred.

Document control

  • Job Responsibility
  • 1. Be responsible for the management of the company's documents and data, the management of receiving and dispatching, filing, borrowing, etc., and the distribution, verification and management of external documents;
  • 2. Responsible for assisting in internal and external system review and preparation for review;
  • 3. Responsible for supervising, assisting and guiding the collection, arrangement and filing of documents of all departments and establishing standing books;
  • 4. Assist all departments in preparing bidding documents, business contracts and various business documents at home and abroad; Major: electrical, automation, industry and other science and engineering majors or other management, English.
  • Qualification
  • Education background: bachelor degree or above.
  • Experience: at least 1 year of relevant working experience.
  • Age: 25-40
  • Gender: male or female
  • Language: English is preferred
  • Others: Skilled OFFICE skills, overseas work or life experience is preferred

Assistant to the General Manager

  • Major: Electrical, Automation, Industrial or Other Science and Engineering Disciplines.
  • Education: Bachelor degree or above
  • Experience: At least 8 years of relevant management experience
  • Age:25-40 years old
  • Language: Good English is preferred.
  • Others: Overseas work, project or life experience is preferred.

Quality Control Engineer

  • Major: Specialty of Automation Science&Engineering
  • Education: Bachelor degree or above
  • Experience: At least 8 years of relevant management experience
  • Age:35-45 years old
  • Language: Good English is preferred.
  • Others: With qualification certificates are preferred
  • Development Manager
  • 1. Assist department leaders and sales personnel to achieve the sales objectives of the team.
  • 2. Do a good job in the company's sales work, try to develop the market, and complete their own output value goals;
  • 3. Complete the contract payment collection task required by the company.
  • 4. Complete the market development required by the company, develop new customers and complete the new customer development indexes.
  • Job requirements:
  • 1. College degree or above, major in marketing, electrical automation, industry or similar science and engineering;
  • 2. With two or more years of sales experience and good English listening, reading and writing skills are preferred;
  • 3. Good interpersonal skills and language skills, good image temperament.
  • 4. Strong resistance to pressure, capable of accepting medium and short-term business trips.

Technical R&D Engineer

  • Job Requirements:
  • 1. Major: Electrical, automation, mechanical structure and other relevant disciplines
  • 2. Education: Bachelor degree or above
  • 3. Experience: At least 8 years of relevant management experience
  • 4. Age:24-45 years old
  • 5. Language: Good English is preferred.
  • 6. Others: Innovative Thinker first, 3D modeling and design capabilities for fine modeling of electrical rooms and internal devices.
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